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What is $LIQ?

LIQUID is a project that was stealth launched by an unknown dev on November, 6, 2020. There was no presale, no initial marketing, and any ‘large holders’ fairly bought the token early.

What makes it unique/what does it do?

$LIQ is an ERC-20 token that has applied a novel mechanism inspired by the “Proof of Gate” protocol: a protocol created by another anon dev known as Rube Royce:

excerpt from $LIQ contract

Wtf is “Proof of Gate” and how is it applied here?

excerpt from $LIQ contract

“Proof of Gate” was an impressive feature of token $HATE (props, Rube) that automatically takes a % of each transaction in the form of a ‘tax’, coverts half of itself to ETH, transforms into (token)/ETH LP, and implants itself permanently in the liquidity pool.

There is an immense amount of power with this feature. A very simplistic but elegant nod to what CORE achieved, this creates a permanent and increasing price floor for the token. Additionally, it prevents the ability for a project to be ‘rugged,’ by permanently locking (or in $LIQ’s case, burning) the LP tokens.

Simply put, the more volume the token receives, the more volatility/transactions, the more liquidity will be ever increasing.

Automated Liquidity Generating Operation (ALGO)

LIQUID’s form of ‘Proof of Gate’ is known as “ALGO” — Automated Liquidity Generating Operation. Its differences are two fold: currently, a higher % tax (5% per tx) and the movement to ‘burn’ the LP tokens. When the LP tokens that are automatically generated upon a transaction materialize, they are then automatically sent to the burn address, so that no transfer or removal functions can ever touch them again. Permanently rising liquidity, permanently rising price floor.

This also creates a deflationary system within $LIQ, reducing the amount of tokens in circulation.

LIQUID Launch Tokenomics

  • 10,000 $LIQ max supply
  • 5% tax (further adjustable)
  • Automated Permanent Liquidity Generation (ALGO)

Next steps:

  • Advanced pools using ALGO (coming soon)

What’s next?

Although a derivative of “Proof of Gate,” ALGO and the $LIQ token intend to find novel use cases for its liquidity generating mechanism.

LIQUID has cultivated a fresh community that has begun collaborating with the anon dev and the ecosystem’s future is looking towards creating pools that that will utilize $LIQ + LP tokens, in order to generate a variable yield system that will both compliment and accelerate the LIQUID core protocols.

These announcements will arrive ASAP once the smart contracts are created, with full explanations of how they will operate.

We will be exploring a variety of mechanism that work best with ALGO and have the ability to be perpetually profitable. Take solace in the fact that we’re not a fly-by-night project that will leave you in the dark or promise impossible things.

Join our community, the water’s warm and the drinks are cold:

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